Mini dahlia lapel flower is hand-made in the USA from premium satin. Each flower is unique to you & is a staple for all occasions, whether casual, business or formal. There is no easier way to tailor the look of a suit jacket or blazer than with the original HOOK & ALBERT lapel flower. Just be prepared for the compliments.


Product details

Shell button backing pushes through the lapel buttonhole for an easy & secure fit.


  • Fabric flower.
  • 100% shell button.
  • Hand cut, hand starched and handmade in New York.


Lapel flower measures approximately 1 inch in diameter.

The name HOOK & ALBERT comes from the original men’s accessory: the pocket watch. Because the watch was kept in a breast pocket, the chain was the only visible accessory. This chain was so aptly named, “The Albert”. The Albert was attached to the waist using a hook; hence the name HOOK & ALBERT.

Our philosophy in our designs and products is focused on three objectives: fit, function and fashion.