Crafted from the finest quality materials, the Stone Rose Essentials Collection is perfect for any occasion. Elegant herringbone weave button down shirt made with the best yarns for softness and durability, Mother of Pearl buttons and high end fabric finishing to ensure a long lasting lustre and soft feel.



Product details

Herringbone weave, mother of pearl buttons.

Material & care

  • 100%  Fine Cotton Weave
  • Machine wash or Dry Clean

Size and fit

  • S = Size 2
  • M - Size 3
  • L - Size 4
  • XL - Size 5
  • XXL - Size 6

Stone Rose clothing is designed with you and your unrivaled tastes in mind. The one-of-kind craftsmanship of our luxury dress shirts is noticeable – and feel-able – from the moment that you put one on. Designed for all sizes and shapes, the slim-cut silhouettes tailor to the custom a fitted shirt you've always wanted, ideal for informal, semi-formal or formal occasions.